Giselle Bedding Single Size 21cm Thick Foam Mattress

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High Density Foam Pocket Spring Mattress 21cm Single

Pamper you and your partner with Giselle Bedding mattresses that will give you a soothing sleep night after night. Incorporating the cutting-edge technology, the lavish construction addresses all elements that will offer you a comfortable and luxurious experience - soft quilting layer, high density foam and hypo-allergenic material. An absolute five star luxury providing you with an undisturbed sleep all night long.

Pocket Spring vs Bonnell Spring

Pocket Springs follow the natural contours of your body for sublime comfort, reduces deformation and responds precisely to your every movement. Conversely, conventional Bonnell Springs are only connected together by wires, hence, the springs will move in relation to a single pressure point which causes the mattress to be unbalanced everytime you turn over. Pocket spring mattresses conform to your natural body shape and distributes pressure on your body more evenly, resulting in a more comfortable and restful sleep.



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