Sit Stand Stool Active Motion Stools For Standing Desk Grey

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Long hours of static sitting at your desk can have negative health effects. That is why you need our Sit Stand Stool to keep you moving throughout the day.

Not only is it comfortably padded with foam, 360° rotatable to face any direction and height-adjustable using the button underneath the seat handles, but it also has a weighted base to facilitate a wide range of movements for healthier active sitting.

You can rock, swivel, lean and balance to burn calories, strengthen core muscles and easily access anything in your workspace.

The backless design means there is nothing for you to slouch against, which encourages proper posture and the straightening of your spine in turn can reduce pack pain and improve blood circulation.

Easy to move and store due to its light weight, the multipurpose stool is great for use in schools and offices, for individual or group work, and is the perfect companion to height-adjustable or standing desks. Best of all, it comes fully assembled so that you can start enjoying improved health and productivity straight away.

Designed for improved posture, balance and stability
Lightweight design
Highly breathable foam-padded seat
Quick height adjustment
360° rotatable
Non-slip weighted base
Perfect for individual or group work
Suitable for height-adjustable desk
Comes fully assembled

Material: Foam, plastic, steel
Seat height: Adjustable
Installation: Free
Colour: Grey

Package Content
1 x Sit Stand Stool