Imitation 3D Epoxy Tile Tic Tac Stickers Black

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Our Peel and stick tiles are simple, easy and smart - Anybody can tile a wall in an hour or two.

No special tools are required for Kitchen or Bathroom tile stickers. Easy self adhesive.

They are easy to clean, heat resistant, and resist mould and mildew.

Traditional tiles require time, effort and a lot of cleaning up after installation.

With Tic Tac tiles you just need to peel and stick.

Just order enough tile sheets for the area you want to cover.

Each tile is 20cm x 20cm

Package includes

10pcs per packet

Weight: 340g


These wallpapers are only suitable for smooth surface walls. Not suitable for dusty, rough, or textured wall surface. You may need to put some extra glue while pasting it on rough or shiny surface. There can be slight shifts in colour between runs, so your wallpaper may vary slightly from sample colouring.