Geometric Pattern Staircase Wall Tile Sticker Kitchen Stove Water And Oil Proof Stickers

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The wallpaper is produced on self adhesive back film that can be applied on any flat surface, such as painted drywall, old wallpaper or ceiling, countertops, marble, furniture,
cupboards, doors, glass, metal, and tile or even in bathroom or kitchen splashbacks.

1. Material: PVC
2. Function: anti-moisture, anti-fouling, anti-mildew, beautifying decoration
3. Specifications: 10 pieces/set
4. Dimensions: 15x15 cm each tile
5. Covered with PET high-end crystal film, high gloss
6. Thick PVC material, self-adhesive, waterproof and moisture-proof

Packet Includes:

1 packet contains 10pcs


These wallpapers are only suitable for smooth surface walls. Not suitable for dusty, rough, or textured wall surface. You may need to put some extra glue while pasting it on rough or shiny surface. There can be slight shifts in colour between runs, so your wallpaper may vary slightly from sample colouring.