Aboriginal Art Rug Puruma By Saretta Washable Rug

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Discover the power of family through this Aboriginal Art Rug vibrant painting!

This Aboriginal Art Rug vibrant painting is inspired by the strength and unity found within family clan groups, and is a celebration of extended family values. Through bold, square lines intertwined throughout the work, it reflects the importance of family in our culture.
Capture the beauty and timelessness of family with this stunning artwork. Place it in your living room or office to remind yourself of the values that unite us all.

Bring home the power of culture today with your very own Art painting now!


Journey Through Country. 

“This painting is about the strength and unity found within family clan groups and the value placed on extended family within our culture demonstrated through the strong and bold square lines intertwined throughout the work. Set upon a backdrop of meeting circles subtly flowing across the entire canvas, again symbolic of cultural strength, but also relating to past, present and future generations continuing to pass on cultural knowledge and ‘lift up’ our culture as we share it with others.”

– Saretta Fielding