Synthetic Grass Self Adhesive 20Mx15CM Turf Joining Tape

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20m Artifical Grass Tape

Made of a non-woven fabric, our artficial grass tape measures six microns in thickness and has strong adhesion and durability qualities. The self-adhesive tape can be used to adjoin to another synthetic turf and extend the grass surface. It can used for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. To use it, just cut to the desired size, lay it on the ground and press the artficial grass firmly and evenly onto it. The tape comes in a convenient 20m x 15cm roll size.


* Designed for bonding and gluing down synthetic grass

* Self-adhesive tape

* Non-woven fabric

* Suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces

* Good durability and excellent adhesion

* Convenient roll size

* Easy to use

* Can be cut into any desired size


* Material: Non-woven fabric

* Thickness (um): 600 + 5

* Gluing quantity (g): 240 + 10

* Peel strength (kg/inch): >4

* Size: 20m x 15cm

Package Content:

1 x 20m Artifical Grass Tape

1 x User Manual