Sound Deadening Dead Mat 20 Sheets 20sq.ft Car Vibration Proofing

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Does your car make so much noise that it's hard to hear your favourite tunes? With this sound-deadening vibration damper by Randy & Travis Machinery, you can enjoy your music without those annoying vibrations and structural sounds that turn your car's sheet metal into a noise factory. With 20 sheets to cover 20 square feet of your car's interior sheet metal, you can attack every noise-producing square centimetre to give you a silent ride. It's self-adhesive, so it's a breeze to apply. Just cut the sheet to fit the part you want, peel off the protective backing, and stick it on.
Its secret? A high-grade butyl compound embossed in a hex pattern with aluminium backing for easy cutting and better flexibility. It's light in weight, so you can give yourself a smoother, quieter drive without adding energy-draining weight and extra bulk. The hex shape moulds easily to a variety of surfaces, allowing you to install it almost on any part, no matter how convoluted the shape. It looks better than its competitors whilst delivering world-class performance. Don't put up with unwanted vehicle noise a day longer. Order your sound-deadening sheets today!

Material: High-grade butyl, aluminium, and adhesive backing
Colour: Silver
Thickness: 2mm
Dimensions (each sheet): 400 x 250mm (L x W)
Number of sheets: 20
Weight (pack): 7.5kg
Coverage (pack) 1.8 square metres
Highly adhesive
Water- and oil-resistant
Temperature-resistant from -40°C to +120°C
Fire-retardant and low-odour
Reduces engine, exhaust, road, and transmission noise
Suitable for vehicle doors, roof & side panels, wheel arches, and floors

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Package Content:
1 x Sound Deadening Dead Mat 20 Sheets 20sq.ft Car Vibration Proofing