Slimline Artificial Green Wall Disc Art 80cm Mixed Green Fern & Ivy (Modern Black)

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An elegant & high impact artificial vertical garden that looks fabulous on any wall! Made with a high-quality weatherproof black frame & beautiful indoor foliage (suited to outdoors with UV Protection spray). There is no better way to create an instant evergreen outlook. Quickly & easily install this vertical garden onto nearly any surface.
Provides an evergreen setting
Varied foliage with the option to add your own stems
Extremely dense & lifelike appearance (large statement-piece)

Slime-line Green Wall Disc (Black Frame Medium)
This beautiful indoor artificial green wall disc is the perfect way to add a touch of stunning greenery to any space. Never worry again about maintaining living plants, or having to water your garden with this high-impact instant green wall.

Unpacking Instructions:
Each disc comes tightly packed within a box to ensure protection during delivery of your artificial plants. This does however sometimes result in the foliage being squished (which is very normal and easily resolved). Simply move the branches towards the edges of the frames and bend the branches to cover any spots where you feel extra coverage is needed. Each disc is made with a number of different plants. Sometimes, people prefer to have an extremely dense arrangement, and others prefer a a nicely arranged and not so dense arrangement. If you require more plants we sell these for between only $7-10 each and you can view the range here.

Details of the artificial green wall disc
Weight: 6kg (approximately)
Size: 80cm Diameter (one side to the other), depth around 10cm (including foliage which varies in size)
Cleaning Instructions: Apply artificial plant cleaner.
Side View: The disc is 4cm deep (frame), and foliage varies from 10-20cm deep.
Foliage can be manually arranged to hang over the edge of the disc, or be pushed more inwards if you prefer.
You can easily install these wall art discs onto any surface quickly & easily, just like hanging a picture.

Package Content:
1 x Slimline Artificial Green Wall Disc Art 80cm Mixed Green Fern & Ivy (Modern Black)