Multi Station Home Gym Set with 44.5kg Weight Plates

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Multi Station Home Gym Set with 44.5kg Weight Plates

Looking for the ultimate workout experience from the comfort of your home? You’ll save thousands on gym memberships plus hours of travel time.  

Thanks to a clever design, the M8000 offers more than a dozen unique exercises packed into less than 1.5 square metres. The weight stack is fully adjustable from 8lbs to 98lbs in 10lb increments, so whether you’re a newcomer or a bodybuilder in the making, your workout can be tailored to your needs. 

The Multistation home gym is constructed from heavy-duty, powder-coated tubular steel that is sure to stand the test of time and features large, non-slip rubber feet that will prevent unwanted movement. 


With high-density cushioning and their choice of soft, sweat-proof materials. The  leg, foot, and arm holds thick padding offers support so you feel in complete comfort while you workout. The included cable attachments have rubber handles so you can maintain a firm grip no matter how heavy you chose to lift.

The Home Gym enables you to perform all your favourite exercises from bench press to leg extensions to seated cable rows: 

You can use the machine bench press which also converts into a butterfly press for a broader range of motion.

You can go straight into a back workout by reaching up for the wide-grip bar and doing some lat pulldowns. Target your middle-back muscles by doing some close-grip cable rows.

The comfortable preacher curl pad allows for machine bicep curls, or you can use dumbbells to really isolate each bicep. Standing cable bicep curls allows for an even more explosive movement.

Hook your legs onto the leg and foot padding and do some leg extensions for a killer leg workout.

Build your shoulder strength with some sets of upright cable rows. 


Complete your workout with tricep pushdowns for a pump like you’ve never known! 

Press, curl and lift your way to the body you've always wanted 


  • Brand: PROFLEX
  • User Weight Capacity: 150kgs
  • Included Weights: 98lbs
  • Frame: Powder-coated steel
  • Seat and Preacher Pad: Vinyl covered high-density foam
  • Please Note: Assembly requiredUpper and lower body workout

    • 98lbs of weights - 10lb increments
    • High-quality sweat-proof material
    • High-density cushioning
    • Heavy-duty powder-coated tubular steel
    • Rubber non-slip feet
    • Wide-grip attachment
    • Close-grip attachment
    • Padded preacher curl pad
    • Padded leg and foot holds
    • Triple pulley system
    • Mesh Weight-Plate Guards

    • Carton 1 of 2 Size (L x W x H): 187 x 46 x 25cm
    • Carton 1 of 2 Weight: 54.5kgs
    • Carton 2 of 2 Size (L x W x H): 38 x 19 x 47cm
    • Carton 2 of 2 Weight: 47.3kgs
    • Total Weight: 101.8kgs