Sea Life Play Centre

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Sea Life Play Centre

The Bestway Sea Life Play Centre features a fun slide, an inflatable ball ramp and an inflatable ring toss game The pool is made child-safe with the sturdy pre-tested vinyl, safety valves, cushioned pool floor, and tie ropes and grommets for the removable slide. The water sprayer is activated by attaching it to a garden hose. The garden hose is also attached to the drain valve to fill or drain the fool. A repair patch is also included.



* Safety valves

* Sturdy pre-tested vinyl

* Includes four play balls to roll up and down the inflatable ball ramp and one inflatable ring to play ring toss

* Removable slide with tie ropes and built-in grommets

* Inflatable cushion on pool floor for extra comfort

* Includes three inflatable fishes

* Water sprayer attaches to garden hose

* Repair patch included

* Designed water capacity: 273 L (72 gal.)

* Releases pool water with the easy-to-use drain valve


* Size: 239cm x 206cm x 86cm

* Package size: 40cm x 9cm x 39.3cm

Package Contents:1 x Play pool

1 x Slide

3 x Fish

4 x Ball

1 x Ring Toss

1 x Repair Patch1 x User Manual