2 in 1 BBQ Smoker Charcoal Grill Barbecue

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Tough Construction: Built of cast iron with rust and high temperature PVC paint, this BBQ smoker is designed to deliver consistent results year after year.

Offset Fire Box: It serves a smoking chamber with an adjustable ventilation for authentic smokehouse taste, and can also be used as a grill for barbecuing.

Easy Mobility: 2 wheels enables this charcoal grill to be easily carted around for outdoor gatherings, parties, picnics or barbecue!

Precise Temperature Gauge: This professional temperature gauge has been integrated to ensure that your temperature is precisely monitored.

Multifunctional: Designed to be used as a barbecue, grill, or a smoker, this BBQ smoker is a great addition to outdoor areas.

Ample Space: This BBQ smoker, which has 1,827 cm² of cooking space, (including the side fire box) and the barrel shape allows for thicker cuts of meat.

Stay Cool Handle: The wooden handles are designed to effectively insulate heat during grilling, sparing your hands from heat source.

Optimised Design: Front shelf is designed to accommodate sauces, poker and seasonings, etc, and the lower stack can be used to store your charcoal.

Upgraded Chimney: This chimney is designed to let smoke effectively escape, while its baffle plate can seal off the escaping smoke.

Relaxing Ambience: The celestial cutouts are easy to fit in with any patio furniture, or the great outdoors, and the warm glow set the ambiance for relaxation.

Main Body Material: Forged Iron

Grill Material: Porcelain Enameled Steel

Handle Material: Wood

Fuel Type: Charcoal

Color: Black

Cooking Space(Main Chamber): 1218cm²

Cooking Space(Offset Fire Box): 609 cm²

Charcoal Storage Rack: 61.8cm x 29.6cm

Package Dimension: 92.5x34.5x33cm

Gross Weight: 17.76Kg

Package Item 1:1 Set 2-In-1 BBQ Smoker

Package Item 2:

1x User Manual

Warranty:1 Year Warranty